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Imagine bringing the Credo Growth perspective to life in a room full of your clients, coworkers or peers through a captivating and interactive event.

We can help you do just that

Our impactful keynote talks are known to be highly effective, addressing specific topics that are proven to drive company growth. We challenge our audiences to think differently, empower them to tackle obstacles head-on with confidence and leave them with skills on how to positively impact their work environment.

Heléne, Richard and Justin bring practical tools and a personal touch to the events at which they speak. They deliver talks on their core topics of People Growth, Sales Growth and Business Growth or customize something more suited to their audience’s needs.

We’ll work with you to identify the best approach and connect you with the right one of us for your event.

Our Speakers

Heléne Smuts

Heléne is the Founding Partner of Credo Growth. She is also an Advanced Coach, personality profiler, an expert in behavioural psychology, the holder of an honours degree in Industrial Psychology and a captivating keynote speaker.

With more than 15 years’ experience developing people and high-performing teams, she has worked with a range of businesses from start-ups to blue-chip companies across 5 continents. Her obsession with high performance has lead to her deep understanding of the impact of inter-team dynamics and how to get her client’s team members to work better together.

When she’s not working, Heléne enjoys quality time with her husband and twin girls, and she absolutely loves travelling and spending time in the ocean, diving for crayfish, scuba diving and trying to surf.

Justin King

Justin King is a Partner in Credo Growth. He is also a strategic business coach, leadership development facilitator and keynote speaker. He works with Business Leaders and their Executive Teams, supporting them through the chaos of growth or the frustration of stagnation.

Justin is relatable, real and articulate when engaging with an audience. He brings unique perspectives gained from a long relationship with the responsibility of leadership, empowering organisations to unleash the untapped potential of their people.

Frustrated with how people often confuse being professional with being boring, Justin’s down-to-earth humour compels audiences to laugh while they learn.

Justin has a passion for endurance sports, in particular running, and believes that presenting your BVOS (best version of self) every single day starts with looking after your body and mind.

Richard Walton

Richard Walton is a Senior Partner at Credo Growth. He is a global keynote speaker having spoken to various organisations all around the world.

Richard has over 25 years of experience in building, scaling and managing high performance sales teams throughout South Africa, the UK and US. He is a highly experienced entrepreneur and has built and scaled several $10 million dollar+ companies over the past two decades.

Richard has been an EO Cape Town member since 2013 and is a 3 x Chapter Board Member.

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