Our Coaches, Consultants & Facilitators

Our exceptional coaches, consultants and facilitators bring with them a wealth of experience, and share a genuine desire to help leaders achieve happiness and success.

They possess a passion and skill set for developing, mentoring, and supporting others, and embrace the use of technology to enhance the experience for every client. They are committed to lifelong learning and are always seeking to improve their skills to better serve our clients.

Heléne Smuts

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Heléne is the founder of growth consultancy, Credo Growth

In 2021 she published her first book, Ditch Mediocrity, which empowers leaders to develop their own teams. She has also developed an online course which delves a little deeper in to each chapter of the book, to give leaders and their teams the guidance and tools to reach high performance.

Heléne is also an Advance Coach, a personality profiler, an expert in behavioural psychology, the holder of an honours degree in Industrial Psychology and a captivating keynote speaker.

Justin King

Strategic Coach & Facilitator

Justin is a rare mixture of organised, analytical, and creative. A natural and unassuming leader, he quickly becomes the voice of reason with any individuals and businesses he engages with.

A Scaling Up Coach, Entrepreneur, and Speaker, Justin has spent a decade and a half intentionally accumulating a wide range of experience and knowledge as a senior manager, consultant, and entrepreneur. This non-linear career by design has become his unfair advantage as a strategic coach and trusted advisor.

Richard Walton

Sales Growth Consultant

Richard is a highly experienced entrepreneur having built and scaled a number of $10 million dollar+ companies over the last 25 years in South Africa, the UK and US.

He currently heads up Outsell which proves fractional sales directors and sales training and is also a Lead Trainer at Scale Coach, a UK based boutique consulting firm.

Andy Woods-Ballard

Sales Growth Consultant

Andy Woods-Ballard specialises in rapid results for clients and partners focusing on improved sales techniques and systems while always keeping marketing, cashflow and long term strategic goals in mind. As an entrepreneur, with a history working with SMEs, startups and charities around the world, he is uniquely positioned to work with multicultural teams and organisations and enjoys nothing more than getting to know a new client and helping them solve critical issues to achieve long-term success.

Henri Holtzhausen

Strategic Business Facilitator and Coach

Henri is an accomplished strategic management consultant and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping businesses and leaders reach their full potential. He not only focuses on the bottom line but also values the well-being of the people behind the business.

With a solid academic foundation and extensive experience consulting for early-stage and high-growth businesses, along with his personal experience of starting both successful (and the occasional not-so-successful) ventures, Henri offers a diverse range of insights and expertise to every engagement.

Asanda Daraza

Coach & Facilitator

Asanda is a dedicated Social Worker, Coach, and impact-driven professional specializing in monitoring, evaluation, and learning. With a commitment to fostering inclusive, sustainable, and psychologically safe environments, Asanda has made it her mission to empower both women and men throughout her career.

Bringing a unique blend of innovation, creativity, and boldness to her work, Asanda infuses each interaction with laughter and a contagious energy. With over 6 years of experience spanning customer service, workshop facilitation, program management, coaching, and group moderation, she is adept at catalyzing impactful momentum and facilitating meaningful personal development journeys.

Michelle Vercueil


Michelle’s passion is to embed her strong belief that everyone has a place and a function and in turn, to align this to the organization both internally and externally. She empowers employees, leaders, and members to craft and create strong connections, collaborative relationships to ensure and foster an expansive growth mindset. Her ability to be open-minded and adaptable, coupled with her flexible thinking style, strong desire to accommodate and embrace different cultures is what sets me apart from the rest.

Michelle’s success in facilitation, integration, and professional coaching is attributed to her intense belief in infinite human potential and the ability to adapt and relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds at an intellectual and emotional level. A genuine interest in people and leadership of people complemented by light-heartedness and candour enables her to reach out to people and impact them in a positive manner.

Cameron Venter

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Cameron is a passionate speaker and coach with a background in leadership development, entrepreneurship, and personal transformation. As a faculty lecturer and certified Integrative Enneagram Practitioner, he helps individuals and teams achieve high-impact results. Cameron’s diverse experiences, including coaching golf internationally, have shaped his unique life and leadership philosophy.

Mdu Dlamini

Coach & Facilitator

Mdu Dlamini is a leadership coach and transformation consultant with diverse experience. He is skilled in process engineering, generalist Human Resources management, leadership development, change management and coaching. His expertise has been employed in manufacturing, explosives, chemicals, construction and education sectors. He has interacted with C-suite leaders as an executive search consultant. He is leveraging his experience to facilitate business success stories.

Rene De Klerk

Coach & Facilitator

René has dedicated over 16 years of her career to academia, holding various positions at both public and private universities. She served as the Programme Coordinator of the BCom Economics and Law degree at Akademia, held roles as a senior lecturer and researcher at Akademia and the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at the University of Pretoria and worked as a senior researcher at the University of South Africa, Institute for Corporate Citizenship.

Linda Jean

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Linda is a certified Executive & Management Coach and experienced Facilitator. She is dedicated to empowering individuals and teams on their journey to personal and professional fulfillment.

Fran Laenen


Fran is a learning and development facilitator, instructional designer and creator. With an Honours in Organisational Psychology and Change Management, she spent more than a decade designing and facilitating leadership and young talent development programmes in the corporate world, before stepping out as a freelance consultant.

Jo Grapendaal

Coach & Facilitator

Jo is an ICF Accredited Structural Alignment Coach with over 17 years in experience in sales and people management. She is naturally drawn towards people and enjoys making lasting connections. Jo’s passion for coaching comes from her belief that if you provide people with the support that inspires growth, it creates personal and team growth.

Janine Henning


Janine believes that structure provides the foundation for freedom and creativity. She is deeply passionate about simplifying processes and applies her creative thinking and ability to see things from different perspectives to any given scenario. Utilising her belief in using intuition and instincts to evaluate ideas she provides a fresh perspective.

As a Guiding Action Coach, Janine fosters deeper thinking and provides others with the opportunity to examine situations or processes from angles they may not have considered before. With her background as an Operations Manager and experience in sales, she brings a diverse range of coaching perspectives to the table.

Zandi Vaveki


Zandi is an entrepreneurial spirited go-getter and a facilitator who is passionate about both self and team development. Where others see obstacles, she sees opportunities. Where others see problems, and challenges she sees possibilities.