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Unlocking Team Potential: How VEGA Americas Enhanced Collaboration with the 6 Working Genius Workshop

VEGA Americas, a global leader in radar technology, recognized the importance of fostering a collaborative work environment to drive success and retain top talent. Seeking improved effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment, they turned to a 6 Working Genius workshop series facilitated by Credo Growth, a trusted partner of theirs since 2009. This case study explores the transformative impact of the workshop on VEGA Americas’ team members and their ability to work together harmoniously.

VEGA Americas: The Challenge of Enhancing Collaboration:

VEGA Americas INC aimed to maximize their team’s potential. However, they faced a challenge in optimizing collaboration among team members.They sought to improve individual self-awareness, align tasks and roles, encourage collaboration based on strengths, and establish a common language for discussions and meetings. They understood that by addressing these challenges, they could unlock the full potential of their teams and drive even greater success.

Why VEGA Americas Chose Credo Growth:

VEGA Americas recognized the value of the 6 Working Genius framework in addressing their challenges. After thorough consideration and exploration, they chose to partner with Credo Growth, for the engagement due to our proven track record with them over the past 14 years and alignment with their goals.

How Credo Growth Ensured Impact

Credo Growth tackled VEGA Americas’ goals with a tailored and comprehensive strategy, ensuring each objective of the workshop was effectively addressed. Here’s how Credo Growth responded to meet VEGA Americas’ specific goals:

  1. Understanding Working Genius: Credo Growth facilitated interactive sessions and assessments to help each team member gain a deep understanding of their own working genius, competencies, and frustrations. According to Scott Rollman, Vice President of VEGA Americas, “Understanding working genius allows me to have a clear picture of team dynamics and how and why they perform the way they do. I can then confidently tweak member makeup and focus areas to ensure that we have the best possible group to accomplish a task.” This understanding empowered leaders like Scott to make informed decisions and coach teams in real-time.
  2. Task and Role Assessment: Credo Growth conducted a thorough evaluation of the tasks and roles within VEGA Americas’ teams. This assessment aimed to identify potential gaps and mismatches, ensuring that team members were assigned to tasks aligned with their individual working geniuses. Scott Rollman shared his insights, stating, “I have felt that one of my skills was in new and novel ideas but tested the opposite. I am going to try asking better questions of others to generate their ideas more intentionally and look for those gifted in this area.” By optimizing task allocation, Credo Growth helped ensure that each team member was working on the right tasks and in the right roles.
  3. Fostering Collaboration and Support: Recognizing the importance of collaboration based on individual strengths, Credo Growth facilitated interactive workshops and exercises that encouraged team members to leverage their working geniuses in a collaborative manner. Scott Rollman highlighted the impact, stating, “The language we now use in the team has shifted, even in meetings, first identifying what type of meeting this is and what genius will be useful. We should also do this for other teams.” Through team-building activities and open discussions, Credo Growth created an environment that fostered collaboration, support, and mutual understanding among team members.
  4. Creating a Common Language: To establish a common language for team meetings and project discussions, Credo Growth introduced the concept of the 6 Working Geniuses – Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity (Created by Patrick Lencioni, The Table Group). By providing a framework and vocabulary to identify and discuss different working geniuses, Credo Growth enabled effective communication and better understanding of team dynamics. This common language became the foundation for productive and insightful discussions, ensuring that team members could appreciate and utilize each other’s strengths effectively.

Through their expertise in the 6 Working Geniuses framework and their ability to tailor the workshop to VEGA Americas’ specific needs, Credo Growth successfully guided the organization toward unlocking the full potential of their teams. The proactive and results-driven approach of Credo Growth played a vital role in driving improved collaboration, productivity, and overall effectiveness in the workplace at VEGA Americas.

The Result

The impact of the workshops was profound, leading to measurable improvements and positive outcomes for VEGA Americas. Testimonials, statements, and metrics from VEGA Americas highlighted the following results:

  1. Improved Self-Awareness: Managers gained a better understanding of their frustrations and preferences, enabling informed decision-making and effective communication.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Teams embraced creative solutions, incorporating individuals with different working geniuses into new areas, resulting in innovative ideas and solutions.
  3. Common Language: By identifying and discussing different working geniuses, teams developed a shared vocabulary for meetings and project discussions, improving understanding of strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Supportive Work Environment: The workshop fostered compassion and understanding among team members, resulting in a more supportive and collaborative workplace.

Measurable Results

The positive impact of the workshop was quantifiable:

  • Increased Collaboration: Team members actively collaborated and supported each other, leveraging their working geniuses to achieve shared goals.
  • Improved Communication: The workshop provided a common language, leading to clearer explanations of workflows and more efficient communication.
  • Appreciation for Diversity: Team members gained a greater understanding and appreciation for each other’s unique working geniuses, creating a more inclusive work environment.
  • Reduced Frustration and Stress: The workshop addressed sources of frustration, reducing stress and improving overall job satisfaction.
  • Optimal Resource Allocation: Teams leveraged individual strengths.


Credo Growth’s 6 Working Genius workshops brought remarkable transformation to VEGA Americas INC. By leveraging the strengths within the six working geniuses framework, teams experienced improved collaboration, enhanced communication, and a more supportive work environment. Through tailored assessments, optimized task allocation, and the introduction of a common language,

Credo Growth empowered VEGA Americas to unlock their teams’ full potential. The measurable results included increased productivity, efficient workflows, reduced frustration, and enhanced job satisfaction.