What’s on the back of your t-shirt?

Do you know you have more potential but aren’t sure how to unlock it? Is it the same in your team, business, and maybe even your relationships?  Does it feel like you’re just slogging away but still aren’t achieving the results or having the impact that you want? Chances are you don’t know what’s on […]

The ABC’s of Apologising: The Five Apology Languages

Have you ever apologised to someone, and it felt as though it didn’t land, or perhaps even misinterpreted, resulting in the apology not being accepted? As with most scenarios in life, there is no one size fits all – and the same goes for apologies. Luckily, Dr. Chapman and Jennifer Thomas discussed this in their […]

Sorry Not Sorry: Why you should apologise

Sorry, not sorry. Cue ‘Please forgive me’ by Bryan Adams, for some dramatic effect. Have you ever stopped to think, when last did I apologise? (If you can’t recall your last apology, you need to self-reflect, no one is perfect and right all the time. Don’t be a douche.) We sometimes avoid apologising as it […]

Tips to keep your company values alive

You’re probably wondering what a values behaviour charter is, let alone whether you should implement it – and I’ll get there. But first, allow me to share a quick anecdote which prompted me to write this. My Tannie Sussie has an incredible awareness and knowledge of the amazing fynbos we have in Cape Town, and […]

Work / Life balance is extinct

Think back to a time when your grandparents were in their prime. How did it look? There were no computers, no cell phones, no email, no social media. They did their jobs (including any overtime) and when they got home, they were able to switch off completely. No-one from the office was trying to email […]

Tip to Respond Positively to Adversity

Simply put, resilience is the ability to respond positively to adversity. There is a wealth of research which suggests that practicing resilience can have a positive effect on one’s psychological well-being. In this blog post, I’ll share some ways to do just that.  The challenge with resilience is that it’s only when faced with adversity […]