4 day Guiding Action Facilitator Course

Are you ready to take performance to the next level in your business?

2021 is an opportunity to shift things up a gear and really focus on your team.

Misalignment, disruption, and avoidance of accountability are key factors that contribute to a lack of performance and cultural inadequacies within an organisation.

So imagine having a full-time facilitator within your organisation – someone who performs ongoing development to create high-performing teams and individuals.

It is now possible with Credo Growth’s ‘Guiding Action Facilitator’ course.

The course is relevant for anyone in your organisation who has an aptitude and enthusiasm for being an agent of change and development.

It will be hosted by one of our highly experienced facilitators with a proven track record of assisting organisations with effective and lasting change.

Having done the course myself, I can say with conviction that the content and format of the course gave me immense insight and confidence to jump straight into facilitating training sessions.

Talking about the course, our founder Helene said “I have designed this 4-day course to provide a strong foundation to facilitate individual and team development. It also provides practical tools to continuously monitor individual and group goals of the business, and will help you bridge the gap between leaders and employees”.

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct an effective needs-analysis to establish core challenges and areas for growth within an organisation.
  • Use the right techniques to facilitate training sessions.
  • Design effective learning sessions to deal with the challenges identified in the needs-analysis.
  • Understand the developmental process flow.
  • Integrate the organisation’s values through the development journey.
  • Implement practical tools and behavioural models to create sustainable change.
  • Empower team members through peer-to-peer coaching.

What happens next?

We will provide continued support to ensure newly trained facilitators are comfortable and competent to design and conduct regular development sessions in their organisations.

This will include bi-monthly development sessions where we will touch on new topics and answer questions.

For more information or to book a place on the course, please contact me on avril@credogrowth.co.za or 084 211 7000.

Why wait? Get your very own agent of change now!