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Transforming a Dysfunctional Executive Team into a High-Performing Business

IT Evolution, an IT outsource business, was an organization whose leadership team was facing significant problems that were choking their success. Over an 18-month period, Credo Growth worked closely with the team to address these issues, analyze their effectiveness, and foster a culture of high performance.

IT Evolution: Facing the Challenge of a Dysfunctional Executive Team

IT Evolution, faced a critical challenge with their leadership team, they were struggling with trust, communication, and productivity and the team recognized the detrimental impact these issues had on their growth and effectiveness.

The executive team was hindered by a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication, which affected their overall performance and business success. To overcome these obstacles and achieve their desired transformation, the team needed a comprehensive intervention.

Why IT Evolution Chose Credo Growth

After considering various options, IT Evolution selected Credo Growth due to our expertise in team dynamics, executive coaching, and culture development.

Our proven track record and personalized approach made us the ideal partner for their transformation journey.

How Credo Growth Ensured Impact

To address IT Evolution’s challenges, Credo Growth implemented a comprehensive approach that encompassed various strategies and methodologies.

  1. Deep Dive into Personality Profiles: “We gained valuable insights into each team member’s strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, and trigger points,” says Ryan Rorrison, a member of IT Evolution’s executive team. “This exercise helped us understand one another better and fostered collaboration.”
  2. Insight Team Effectiveness Model: “We utilized the Insight team effectiveness model, which enabled us to analyze our performance in key areas such as focus, agility, culture, and process,” Ryan explains. “By identifying areas that required improvement, we were able to address inter-team dynamics that were hindering productivity and performance.”
  3. Change in Executive Team: “During the process, it became clear that a significant change in our executive team structure was necessary,” Ryan acknowledges. “With Credo Growth’s guidance, we underwent a major transformation, leading to the emergence of a new leadership team focused on the right direction for our business.”
  4. Accelerating Performance and Skills Development: “We participated in sessions that provided a clear understanding of how to accelerate performance and the necessary steps to achieve it,” states Ryan. “Credo Growth also offered skills development programs focused on effective communication, building trust within the team, and establishing trust with the rest of the organization.”
  5. 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Model: “We worked through each level of the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team model, setting us up for success,” Ryan highlights. “By building vulnerability-based trust, mastering conflict resolution, encouraging passionate debates, promoting commitment, embracing peer-to-peer accountability, and focusing on results, we achieved remarkable outcomes.”
  6. Developing a High-Performance Culture: “We designed a comprehensive framework that fostered a high-performance culture,” says Ryan. “This involved introducing meeting rhythms, identifying strategic focuses, and developing execution plans based on 90-day Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).”

The Result

With Credo Growth’s guidance and help, IT Evolution’s dysfunctional executive team underwent a transformational journey that equipped them with the necessary skills, frameworks, and understanding to overcome their challenges and drive the business towards high performance. The team became aligned in strategy, adopted effective meeting rhythms, and focused on solutions. The results were impressive, with IT Evolution reporting a 55% increase in productivity and a 100% increase in trust. Clear objectives and goals were established, enhancing overall performance and effectiveness.


Through a comprehensive and tailored approach, Credo Growth successfully transformed IT Evolution’s dysfunctional executive team into a high-performing business. By addressing challenges related to trust, communication, and productivity, the team experienced remarkable results. The deep dive into personality profiles, utilization of the Insight team effectiveness model, and implementation of the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team model were instrumental in setting the team up for success. By fostering a high-performance culture that emphasized trust, accountability, and results, IT Evolution achieved significant outcomes.


  • Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • Harvard Business Review, teams that understand each other’s personalities and working styles are more productive and make better decisions. The study found that such teams have a 6% increase in productivity and a 19% decrease in turnover rates.
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model has been used by numerous companies to improve their team performance. According to a survey conducted by Patrick Lencioni, the author of the model, companies that use the model report a 40% improvement in team effectiveness.