I Am Not A Sports Coach

As a coach, and someone who has had quite a bit of coaching, I am always excited when someone tells me they work with a coach. It shows that they are committed to improving themselves and their performance, and are open to learning new things.  At Credo Growth, we use what we call our Guiding […]

Mental Health: the role of organisations to improve mental wellbeing at work

Oh no, another article about Mental health! Hear me out – this is important. This topic has been at the forefront of discussion these last few years. What we have been seeing is that people have found freedom in expressing that they are not coping with the pressures of life and are experiencing varying levels […]

Work / Life balance is extinct

Think back to a time when your grandparents were in their prime. How did it look? There were no computers, no cell phones, no email, no social media. They did their jobs (including any overtime) and when they got home, they were able to switch off completely. No-one from the office was trying to email […]

Adding Mindfulness to Your 2021 Toolkit

Have you ever been at home or in the office working on an important project or task, and suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of anxiety? Your heart rate quickens, you lose focus or you lash out at a colleague or family member without warning. These could be signs that your stress levels need to be […]