I Am Not A Sports Coach

As a coach, and someone who has had quite a bit of coaching, I am always excited when someone tells me they work with a coach. It shows that they are committed to improving themselves and their performance, and are open to learning new things. 

At Credo Growth, we use what we call our Guiding Action Methodology as the foundation of our approach to coaching. In this blog post, I’ll unpack what it entails, and who it’s relevant for. But before we dive in, here is a quick introduction to what coaching is all about…

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a relatively new practice – it only emerged in the 1980s – and is still met with scepticism as if it were pseudoscience. Funnily (and slightly annoyingly), when I say I am a coach, the first question I often get is: “a sports coach?”… 

The reality is that coaching practices follow tried and tested coaching models. They use different behavioural tools that help the coachee better understand the world around them and the world they see (we get them to differentiate between what is real, versus a made-up story).

As a Coach, I use Guiding Action a Methodology for Coaching | Credo Growth

We believe that everyone is capable, and want our clients to achieve results by equipping them with the right tool kit and making sure they believe in themselves.

Credo Guiding Action

What we offer helps set businesses up for further success than they have achieved to date. We help individuals and teams unlock their true potential, which leads to increased productivity and performance.

Transactional Analysis is a psychological tool that we use. It helps people understand how they communicate with others and how their behaviour drives their interactions with others.

  • Individual coaching focuses on giving people the skills to manage themselves and each other. 
  • Team coaching includes sessions embedded in development workshops to ingrain new learnings and identify potential stumbling blocks. We facilitate workshops to guide managers to coach their team members (an essential aspect of being a great leader).
  • Organisational coaching includes coaching circles which are small groups of employees from different roles/ levels of responsibility. The small groups meet monthly to bring forward an issue and discuss possible solutions.
  • Business coaching is designed to ensure that people work well together and are highly productive. When it is time to scale up the business and get to that next level of success, business owners need to effectively guide their teams through the new growth stage.

Successful Coaching

Imagine for a moment that you’re the MD of the South African branch of an international company. As a C-suite career person, it’s no stretch to say that you’ve been successful in your career. You have celebrated enough victories along the way for you to believe that you’ve achieved significantly. 

But in the midst of it all, where the public eye doesn’t see, you have a silent knowing on the inside that says, “there’s more”. 

Flash forward a number of years, and after intentional discipline, expert coaching and shared belief between coach and coachee, you’re now the President of your Company’s US operation. Imagine!

That’s the story of one of our clients. That story could be yours.

Lastly, what Credo offers is a full-scale coaching service that addresses every aspect of the business, from its people to the business itself. We are passionate about guiding action and, ultimately, the success of the entirety of the business.