Heléne Smuts

Executive Coach & Facilitator
  • B.Comm. (Hons) Cum Laude, Industrial Psychology
  • Author of the book ‘Ditch Mediocrity’
  • Advanced Coach
  • Insight Discovery Licensed Practitioner (personality profiler)
  • Further in-depth training in Transactional Analysis – behavioural theory of Eric Berne
  • Accredited facilitator and Assessor
  • Member and Board of Entrepreneurs Organization Accelerator programme
  • Global Keynote Speaker

Heléne is the founder of growth consultancy, Credo Growth

In 2021 she published her first book, Ditch Mediocrity, which empowers leaders to develop their own teams. She has also developed an online course which delves a little deeper in to each chapter of the book, to give leaders and their teams the guidance and tools to reach high performance.

Heléne is also an Advance Coach, a personality profiler, an expert in behavioural psychology, the holder of an honours degree in Industrial Psychology and a captivating keynote speaker.

With more than 15 years’ experience developing people and high-performing teams, she has worked with a range of businesses from start-ups to blue-chip companies across 5 continents. Her obsession with high performance has created a deep understanding of the impact of inter-team dynamics and how to get her client’s team members to work better together.

Heléne is also the Learning Chair of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisations’ accelerator programme in Cape Town, supporting start-ups to scale their businesses.

When she’s not working, Heléne enjoys quality time with her husband and twin girls, and she absolutely loves travelling and spending time in the ocean, diving for crayfish, scuba diving, paddling and putting best efforts into surfing…absolute love for red wine.

  • Leadership Development Training & Facilitation
  • High Performance Culture Development (Executive / Leadership Teams)
  • Strategy Facilitation
  • Executive / Business Coaching
  • Global Keynote Speaker

My facilitation style: Energetic, relevant, honest, positively challenging, highly motivating.

What gets me out of bed in the morning: movement, a hot yoga session or a long run.

I get a real kick out of: Something that challenges me – laughter, lots and lots of laughter.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: Finding out exactly what they are struggling with and together design a process that we know will be amazing. And then seeing their reaction when their teams are performing. RETURN ON THEIR INVESTMENT.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: Scuba diving, scaling boulders, hiking, trying to surf in Cape Town waters, playing with my twins, spending time with friends and enjoying amazing red wines, mostly, spending time on our coastal farm diving and enjoying nature.

My dream client: Strong belief that people development is not a side project but a strategic pillar to their business, Eager to learn with their team members, open to new ideas, hungry to elevate their game, has a good coffee shop nearby!

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a facilitator: Dig deeper than the surface even though it’s scary and tough, that is where the growth lies, use curiosity to find the crux of issues, and there is always something that can be done.