Justin King

Strategic Coach & Facilitator
  • COO: Credo Growth
  • Strategic Business & Executive Coach
  • Elevation Leaders Associate Scaling Up Coach
  • Experienced Leadership Development Facilitator & Trainer
  • Keynote Speaker
  • B.Comm, Investment Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma, Financial Planning

Justin King is a strategic business coach, leadership development facilitator and keynote speaker. He works with Business Leaders and their Executive Teams, supporting them through the chaos of growth or the frustration of stagnation.

He is relatable, real and articulate when engaging with an audience or individual client; and has a knack of asking the right questions to help you find the answers you need (and most times already know). As a Scaling Up Coach, Justin also understands the challenges of scaling, and the potential valleys of death along the way.  He believes that the path to success, both personal and business, is paved with small wins, not huge victories. He has worked across industries including, software engineering, specialised logistics and manufacturing.

  • Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning Workshops
  • Scaling Up Coaching (Executive / Leadership Teams)
  • Executive / Business Coaching
  • Leadership Development Training & Facilitation
  • Keynote Speaking

My facilitation style: honest, engaging, light-hearted, relatable, positively challenging, motivating.

What gets me out of bed in the morning: a simple question – “am I interested, or am I committed” – that gets me to gym or out on the road for a run.

I get a real kick out of : connecting with new people and sharing a hearty laugh.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: helping them come to the realization that they already have many of the answers they are looking for, they just needed a little assistance with making sure the right questions were being asked. This is a transformative process and builds tremendous self belief.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: running, hitting the gym, hiking (I love staying active), playing with my dogs, spending time with family and friends, road tripping the beautiful Western Cape, and watching sport.

My dream client: Committed to a journey of elevation for themselves, their business and importantly their people. Receptive to new ideas, embraces change and does not confuse being professional with being boring.

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a coach and facilitator: I’m not the star of the show, I’m merely playing a supporting role to each participant or client. Real growth and development takes place outside of one’s comfort zone. The path to success, both personal and business, is paved with small wins, not huge victories. Oh, and I’ve become a damn good time-keeper 🙂