Linda Jean

Executive Coach & Facilitator
  • B.A. Corporate Communications (cum laude)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Senior Education (cum laude)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management (cum laude)
  • Executive & Management Coaching certification
  • Qualified Addiction Recovery Specialist
  • Training in Transactional Analysis – behavioural theory of Eric Berne
  • Professional Certification in Counselling

Linda is a certified Executive & Management Coach and experienced Facilitator. She is dedicated to empowering individuals and teams on their journey to personal and professional fulfillment.

Linda launched her thriving coaching practice in 2021 and quickly achieved global reach. With a rich background in the luxury safari sector spanning 16 years, Linda honed her skills in Sales, Commercial Operations, and Revenue Management, holding influential leadership roles with two major brands. Her diverse expertise and experiences contribute to a holistic approach in guiding clients toward their goals.

Linda’s academic pursuits include undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Education, Corporate Communication, and Business Administration. Specializing in engaging group facilitation and team development; she is deeply passionate about delving into the realms of psychology and emotional intelligence, bringing a nuanced understanding to her coaching practice.

Beyond her professional life, Linda cherishes moments with her husband and teenage children at their home amidst the apple orchards in the Elgin Valley, just outside Cape Town. An avid entertainer, she finds joy in hosting gatherings, listening to live music, and immersing herself in a show at the theatre. Linda’s warm and approachable nature, combined with her genuine interest in human interactions, creates a supportive space for personal and professional growth.

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  • Personal Development Coaching
  • Leadership Development Training & Facilitation
  • Executive / Business Coaching

My facilitation style: I bring an engaging, warm, and bold approach to my facilitation. Honesty is my policy, and I strive to uplift and make every interaction relevant and meaningful.

What gets me out of bed in the morning: The excitement of working with such interesting and diverse people fuels me. A leisurely walk with my family and the prospect of discovering a new favourite song add that extra bounce to my step!

I get a real kick out of: Witnessing growth and transformation in real time is where the magic happens for me – those “aha” moments are simply the best.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: I’m eager to dive into understanding the team dynamic, unpacking their needs on a very human level, and setting the stage for positive change.

Outside of work, you’ll find me: In my garden, engaged in lively conversations with family and friends. Picture this – a balmy evening, great music and laughter in the background, a crackling fire, and the stars shining above.

My dream client: A dream client, to me, is someone open-minded to the possibility of change. They believe that each person brings their unique magic to the mix, and together, we can create something extraordinary.

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a facilitator: Learn to read between the lines – it’s about seeing past the brand, beyond political correctness, image, and ego. Dive deep into the heart and soul of each person in the team to foster genuine connections.