Fran Laenen

  • B. Social Science (Honours) in Organisational Psychology specialising in Change Management
  • City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning
  • Mindfulness teacher certification
  • Trained in Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability (Crucial Learning, formerly VitalSmarts)
  • Enneagram practitioner
  • Trauma-informed coaching

Fran is a learning and development facilitator, instructional designer and creator. With an Honours in Organisational Psychology and Change Management, she spent more than a decade designing and facilitating leadership and young talent development programmes in the corporate world, before stepping out as a freelance consultant.

Her areas of expertise include organisational culture and development, mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience, self-mastery, communication and thinking skills, and mindfulness-based training. She is also passionate about youth development and employability.

Her mission is to help people to become better leaders and humans by opening minds, generating real dialogue, and supporting cultures of continuous learning. She draws on insights from the fields of psychology, neuro- and cognitive science, creativity, and various personality and self-insight tools and modalities including the Enneagram.

As a facilitator, she brings curiosity, an appreciation of individuals’ unique experiences, and a passion for connecting dots and discovering new insights. She believes in the power of creating environments that allow people to do their best and most transformative thinking.

Outside of work, you will find her trail running, hiking, swimming, or making music (she is a pianist and singer). She is passionate about the performing arts, words and languages (she is a writer and speaks French and some Spanish), travel, and being in wide open spaces.

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  • Interpersonal and communication skills development
  • Self-awareness, personal development and mastery
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing and resilience 
  • Mindfulness based practices 
  • Leadership, culture and team dynamics 
  • Career development and workplace readiness for young talent

My facilitation style: I bring curiosity, an appreciation of individuals’ unique experiences, a passion for connecting dots and encouraging new insights and reflections, and warmth and humour. 

I get a real kick out of: Opening minds and hearts. Playing with words, concepts and meaning. Creative solutions that bring out the best of humanity. Music.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: Learning about their true vision and the “why” of the work they do, understanding the challenges I am helping them to solve, and getting to know them as humans. 

Outside of work, you’ll find me: In the mountains (I’m a trail runner and hiker), swimming in the sea, making music (I’m a pianist and singer), writing, or at a show. I am passionate about the performing arts, words and languages, travel, and being in wide open spaces.

My dream client: People who believe in people as well as the work they do. People with boundless curiosity, humility and a great sense of humour. Ideally a bunch of nerds. 

The number one thing I’ve learnt as a facilitator: People bring so much wisdom and such incredible, unique perspectives. My role is not to change or “fix” them but help them tap into their inner resources to liberate the way they think, feel, act and relate.