Michelle Vercueil

  • Brain Based Intensive Coach. Results Coaching SA
  • ORSC Coach. Relationships Systems Coaching
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Organisational Change Coach
  • Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner
  • Imparta Sales and Coaching (London)
  • Psychological Counselling and Psychotherapy Diploma UJ
  • Accredited Assessor

Michelle is a Consultant / Facilitator / Lecturer / Integrator and an Executive & Leadership Coach. She has international experience, having worked in East, South and West Africa, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom. She specialises in having a well-rounded understanding of the opportunities and challenges organizations and employees are confronted with.

Michelle’s experience spans across a diverse range of clients and industries, including Financial Services, Packaging, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Motor, Travel, Telecommunications, Power Utility (ESKOM) and service industries across all organisational levels.

She is highly skilled in leadership development, organizational development, policy creation and implementation and needs assessment analysis, amongst others. Michelle is a highly experienced executive and leadership coach and has an intrinsic interest in Leadership Development and Women in Leadership.

  • Leadership Development Training & Facilitation
  • High Performance Culture Development (Executive / Leadership Teams)
  • Insights Discovery Personality Profiling
  • Executive / Business Coaching

My Facilitation Style: Enthusiastic, Passionate, Engaging, Fair, Inclusive, Relevant, Charismatic

What gets me out of bed in the morning: Long beach walks, wet nose kisses from my fur baby, the excitement of facilitating a work session.

I get a real kick out of: A job well done, acknowledgement, happy people, accomplishment.

What I most look forward to when working with a new client: That “click” of minds meeting, synergistic thinking and delivering on a promise. Creating value for both sides, but mostly the promise of the new becoming an ongoing existing client relationship.

Outside of work you will find me: Running along the St James promenade, hiking, walking and chatting away on the beach with a take- away coffee close to hand, socializing with friends, entertaining, catching up with my grown boys on video calls, cooking for the aged and caring for and loving the abandoned homeless animals.

My dream client: Would be a partnership where we both search for the solution to their problem or need where I can provide that exact offering. Loyalty would be paramount, and they would be likely to recommend me to their friends and colleagues.

The number one thing that I have learnt as a facilitator: There will always be someone that knows more than you do. So be authentic, real, and open. Own your words and your actions and behaviours. Choose wisely and be curious about people and be prepared to be amazed.